Tanglewood Village Co-op is 55+community. One owner/resident must be at least 55 years of age, residents under 35 are not allowed.
ll residents must pass criminal background and credit checks and be approved by the Board of Directors. 

If you are purchasing a home already on site It is important that you submitted an application
for residency, Do not purchase a existing home unless you have been approved for residency and have received a copy of our prospectus. 

Homes located in the park with a ground/lot lease currently pay a monthly rent of $420 for lake side homes and $410.00 for all other lots. 

Co-op shares are available. Current share price is $60,000,with a monthly Co-op fee of $160.00
 Tanglewood Village
Manufactured Home and RV Community
                                  Available home- RV sites
     All lots sizes are approximations.  Lots may be larger or smaller than described. 

Incentives for new or approved used homes placed on vacant lots. For owners who prefer a lot lease we are offering a one year rental credit, for those who wish to become members of the CO-OP we are offering a $5,000 credit.

<-------------------------------9 Highway Drive 
<-------------15 Highway Drive

<---------- 18 Tanglewood Circle
<--21 Tanglewood Circle
<---28 Tanglewood Circle
<----------------37 Tanglewood Circle 
                        51'x 80'x 51'x 90'
<------------------------------108 Tanglewood Circle
                                       <--34 Tanglewood Circle
106 Tanglewood Circle-------------------------->

122 East Lake Drive-------------------------->.
36'x 89'x62' x 80'
<--30 Tanglewood Circle
7 Highway Drive 49'x80'------------------------------------------->
5 Highway Drive 49'x80'----------------------------------------->          1 Highway Drive 49'x80'------------------------------>
59 Tanglewood Circle 55'x82'------>